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Katherine Roth

Born and educated in Windsor, ON,
Katherine is a graduate of St. Mary’s
Academy and the University of  Windsor.

In 2005, Katherine began creating small works of art in watercolour and acrylics for her own enjoyment. She has always been a supporter of local artists and loves to create her own works.

Katherine’s acrylic and encaustic abstract paintings are dreamlike and serene. They reflect her gentle and compassionate personality with a consistent palette of pastel hues. A calming, comforting effect occurs in any interior space where her work is displayed.  Her paintings are easy to get lost in while viewing them, much like watching colourful clouds drift by.

Roth currently resides in the Windsor area as one of the city's top realtors.



4755 Wyandotte St. E, Windsor, ON  N8Y 1H8  519.945.2222

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