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Copper chain necklace with copper tubes and freshwater pearls.

Adjustable at back of neck. Since this goes over the arms and around the body, it is best to try on before purchase.

Chest piece: approx 7 1/2" width, 24" length

Earrings: 1/2" width, 3 1/2" length

#0063 Body Jewelry

#0064 Earrings


Body Jewelry & Earrings Set - Copper & Freshwater Pearls

  • Michelle celebrates lineages between the human body and nature with her jewelry. Creating those connections has led to a seemingly ancient, tribal warrier design vocabulary filled with mixed metals, fresh water pearls and leather. The primitive, earthy colours and assemblage techniques are truly beautiful. Some of her inspirations include poems, and microscopic images from inside the body.

    Designing and fabricating sculpture is another area of interest for Michelle. She prefers the cool organize sense of steel, and has worked with both mild, and cold rolled steel.

    It's through her work as a designer/artist that she hopes to continue her pure wonderment over the connections from the past to the current times and the connections to the nature that exists all around us...inside and out.

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