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Photography on paper,  

17 3/8" width, 19 3/4" height, 1 1/4" depth

Frame Width: 1 3/4" Ornate antiqued wood, antiqued cream colour on front, and antique silver on sides

Anti-Reflective Glass: 70% UV protection

Mat Size and Ply: 1 5/8" on all sides, white acid free cotton 4 ply mat

Image Size Inside Frame: 10 7/8" x 13 1/8"

Leeland Plaza Hotel, 17" x 20"

  • Donnie Johnston introduced himself to photography in 2007. His passion for photography and admiration of Detriot with all of its abandonment and gritty resilience have resulted in a number of breathtaking images, all composed with an acute attention to detail and intense focus.

    His experimentation with film (developing his own images in the darkroom he set up in his closet), has produced incredible, crisp, black and white images with intense contrast and emphasis on lighting. The light play in his digital images is compounded by vibrant colors and attention grabbing compositions.

    There is no question that Donnie's images leave viewers fixated, questioning, and wanting more.

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