Mixed media on canvas, 2021, 

36" width, 48" height, 1 1/2" depth

Sides are painted black

Neon Sequence 1, by Asaph Maurer, 36" x 48"

  • Born and raised in a strict religious cult, Maurer's formative years were sheltered from outside influences. Leaving the cult at 28, his frame of reference of people and the world lacked a wider perspective. The effect of entering society as a young man has been beneficial to his art. Maurer views the world through unfettered lenses, free from constraints of a more traditional upbringing. He brings strong emotional content and portrays striking observations about human emotion in his art.

    Primarily he works with acrylic paint, using large canvases to create classic black and white paintings. He calls his style "Enigmatic Art" - combining representational and impressionist styles. His technique, using aggressive lines and strokes, creates stunning visual images.

    Recognition for his distinctive style finds his paintings in private collections throughout the world.