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Encaustic on wood, 2023

18" width, 24" height, 1 5/8" depth

Sides are painted brown

Sunset On The Pond, 18" x 24"

  • Art was the most exciting part of school for Susan. In high school she spent a lot of time in the art room, where she developed her passion.

    She earned her BA in Interior Design from Michigan State University, and teaching certificate from the University of Windsor. Susan's love for art was put on hold as she raised her family and began teaching.

    Susan was introduced to encaustic painting as she was contemplating retirement. She has developed a love for painting with wax and enjoys experimenting with adding natural material and clay to her work. Susan is mostly self taught in the encaustic process. Her renderings lay somewhere between realism and impressionism. She hopes her work strikes a chord, perhaps stimulating happy thoughts of the past, and memories that make you smile.

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