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Lampwork glass pendant, silver eye screw, real acorn cap

Approx. 3/4" width, 1 1/2" length (this varies quite a bit due to the real acorn top component)

Recommended necklace (pictured): silver 30" silver clip chain necklace with lobster clasp (see "extra necklaces" section, #1989)

*Would also look great as an ornament with a ribbon!

Seasonal Pendant - Acorn

SKU: 0040
  • Michelle Taylor has incredible skill when it comes to her craft. She makes beautiful commissioned glass pieces, rendering pets and other special objects in the form of glass beads. She has an extensive collection of beads to choose from, and enjoys participating in seasonal shows, such as Art in The Park in Windsor, ON.Michelle's lampwork glass beads are made using a propane/oxygen torch. The glass is melted on a steel mandrel and each creation is made using various colors and layers of glass. When each bead is done, it is placed in a kiln to anneal overnight. The temperature is slowly brought down to room temperature so that there is no possibility of stress cracks.

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