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Mixed media on wood, 2021

Approx. 11 7/8" width, 11 7/8" height, 1 3/4" depth.

Side edge painted dark blue


Without A Care In The World, 12" x 12"

  • Ann Roth is a mixed media artist with a particular interest in drawing and collage. 



    After a career in health care, she completed her BFA at the University of Windsor in 2012. 

    She currently lives and works in Southwestern Ontario.



    Complexity in simplicity.  Ann's abstract images reflect on this duality with a poetic sensibility towards form and material.  Her interests lie, not in critique, but rather in responding to the media in both its material qualities and conceptual potentials: 

    The suggestion of organic forms and natural forces are the result.  Whether it is in her mixed media works, found paper collage works or intaglio prints, Ann invites her audience to take a deep dive and linger in the details.

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