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Intaglio on paper, c. 1980 

Paper Size: 14 1/4" width, 8" length

Image Size: 9 7/8" width x 3 3/4" length 

This artwork is unframed, and is not included in our rental services at this time. If you're interested in renting it, please contact the gallery. 

*Note, some slight damage on the top of the paper, not impeding on the image itself or the border close to it. 


Glastonbury, 8" x 14"

  • A.G. Smith is a professional illustrator from Windsor, ON. His original watercolour and pencil pieces have all been commissioned for various published books. You may recognize some of his works from children's books used in schools. These mixed media pieces are wonderful gift items for Windsor schools, showing support of local talent and appreciation of A.G. Smith's contribution to making educational books fun for kids. 

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