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Immerse yourself in local art.

Let us help you create inspiring spaces in your home and office!



Rent artwork for only 2% of the retail price per month ($10/month minimum)



Rent for a 3 month term, with the option to renew for an additional 3 months

(6 months maximum)


End Result

  • I love it: Rental fees go toward purchasing artwork

  • Revolving Décor: Trade the artwork for something new. Need help choosing? We do consultations!

  • No Thanks: Return the artwork


  • Nancy books in-person art consultations and visits with the art you'd like to try in your space. She has an excellent eye and extensive knowledge of the gallery's collection. If you are looking for suggestions of what would look best, she is there to help!









  • Money Well Spent

Purchasing artwork is a big decision. Renting prior to a purchase can ease any concerns about choosing that perfect piece of art.


  • Stage Your Home

If you are trying to sell your home or hosting an event, art rentals are a very economical way to stage your interior space.


  • Revolving Décor / Options Galore

If you like to change up your décor often, art rentals are the perfect way to transform your space at a fraction of the price, with no commitment to purchase





  • Employees Love It

Refresh your workspace with local art rentals. It creates an ever-changing interior, boosts morale, and keeps employees interested in their work environment.


  • Intrigue your Clients

Art rentals are perfect for foyers, creating interest while clients await your services. Return-clients love to see what art you’ll have showing next!


  •  Bonus:Enjoy many pieces and purchase one.

Rent multiple pieces by the same artist, and all rental fees go toward purchasing one or more pieces.

What a great way to collect and enjoy local art!

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