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Oil on mylar, 2010

53 1/2" width,  40 1/2" height, 2" depth

Frame: Blonde wood frame

Frame Width: 7/8"

Regular Glass: 40% UV Protection

Mat Size & Ply: 1" on all sides and top, 1 1/2" on the bottom. The piece is floated with 1/4" clear spacer, white 4 ply cotton

Image Size: 49" width,  36" height

Museum Flight, Swan & Botanicals, 41" x 54"

  • As Professor Emerita from the University of Windsor, School of Visual Arts, Susan Gold continues her engagement in culture creation through the downtown studio, one ten park: a working space. She has had solo exhibitions in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

    ​Susan’s work explores the nature of creation and institutional collection and display. She creates mixed media works that speak about our experience with Nature and the way we represent Nature in our living spaces. Her publications, artwork, and activity can be seen at and

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