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Mixed media on wood, 2019

48" width, 48" height, 1 1/2" depth (each)


Sold as a set. Please contact us if you're interested in only one of these pieces. Thank you!



Untitled Legacy 1 & 2, 48" x 48" each

  • Gisele Poisson is a conceptual artist from Windsor, ON. Her interest in abstraction and semiotics is currently channeled into mixed media works on paper / canvas, however, her highly experimental approach to art making is evidenced by her previous work as a performance artist. Her work incorporates deconstructed fragments that are re-appropriated into new narratives. Each mark contains its own history, citing the line or smudge as its proper subject. The process is the painting - making reference to undisclosed histories that speak of: curiosity, need, identity and compulsion.

    She completed a BFA in 2006 at the University of Windsor, ON.

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