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Oil on canvas, 2022

60" width, 40" height, 1 1/2" depth

Sides are painted brown


VS., 40" x 60"

  • Steph Mason's paintings center around the creative use of colour to enhance the beauty and meaning of the subject depicted. While the image is created in a realistic way, there is a dream-like quality to the final result. Her landscapes are like a memory of a place - representing the restorative way being in nature feels. Steph grew up in Ontario and would go on yearly camping trips with her family. These trips instilled a love of nature and an appreciation of disconnecting from technology and listening to the environment around us. 

    Steph currently lives in Windsor with her family. She has completed a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the Ontario College of Arts and Design (OCAD) in the Drawing and Painting Program. She enjoys teaching oil painting to beginners and emerging artists. Open to commission requests. 

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