Immerse yourself in local art. Let us help you create an inspiring space!




Rent artwork for only 2% of the retail price per month ($10/month minimum)



Rent for a 3 month term, with the option to renew for an additional 3 months

(6 months maximum)


End Result

I love it: Rental fees go toward purchasing artwork

Revolving Décor: Trade the artwork for something new. Need help choosing? We do consultations!

No Thanks: Return the artwork








Money Well Spent

Purchasing artwork is a big decision. Renting prior to a purchase can ease any concerns about choosing that perfect piece of art.


Stage Your Home

If you are trying to sell your home or hosting an event, art rentals are a very economical way to stage your interior space.


Revolving Décor / Options Galore

If you like to change up your décor often, art rentals are the perfect way to transform your space at a fraction of the price, with no commitment to purchase





Employees Love It

Refresh your workspace with local art rentals. It creates an ever-changing interior, boosts morale, and keeps employees interested in their work environment.


Intrigue your Clients

Art rentals are perfect for foyers, creating interest while clients await your services. Return-clients love to see what art you’ll have showing next!




 Bonus . Enjoy many pieces and purchase one.

Rent multiple pieces by the same artist, and all rental fees go toward purchasing one or more pieces.

What a great way to collect and enjoy local art!